With love, Marleni

I came in search of inspiration, a hint of direction for my future career path. I came with an agenda to be enlightened. Cowardly so due to my fear of decision and commitment.… Continue reading

Have confidence from knowing… we are not isolated

At the beginning of Fall semester 2013, I was given an assignment to take the Strength’s Finder quiz. Strength Finders 2.0 gives a personalized strengths insight report with an action planning guide to… Continue reading


The Tshepo Foundation was an absolute delight. ┬áThe minute we arrived the students all jumped to greet us. “Mama! Papa!” they all exclaimed, we could see the joy reflected in their eyes. Then… Continue reading

To the wonderful learners of Teboho Trust,

I sit here attempting to conceptualize the beauty of what I have just witnessed and I can’t. It is like witnessing a miracle occur right before your eyes. The light these children shed… Continue reading

Nkosi’s Haven | Infinite Family

People say that in order to fight you must have a purpose. Well what if you do yet, your circumstances require you to remain silent? What if the unemployment rate is so high… Continue reading

From the Dutch perspective.

Cities and architecture have a better way of telling stories than humans do. At least this was the experience at the Voortrekkor Monument this afternoon. I was mesmerized by the way light shined… Continue reading

Only KOVSIES know the feeling!

We arrived in Bloemfontein early afternoon and I was beyond excited. As the only undergraduate in the group, this was an area that I completely felt comfortable, for the last three years university… Continue reading

We are not anti-white, we are against white supremacy.

To be completely honest, I have no idea how I feel. Conflict. Primarily because of my nature to dissolve situations that cause pain. The pain felt currently, is not personal. Walking amidst the… Continue reading

Their lives were not lost in vain.

Soweto was our first opportunity to interact with the local community in their everyday life. Students walked home from school. They played and laughed and the less shy ones stopped and had conversations… Continue reading

We love and thank you, Madiba.

Today we had the opportunity to visit the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory and it was remarkable. There was a certain feel within the shared space that immediately felt peaceful. After our small… Continue reading